The prostate cancer treatment with high cure rates, no cutting, and few side effects.

There are three primary questions men ask when first diagnosed with prostate cancer:

One of your treatment options is ProstRcision® - a treatment for prostate cancer that has high documented cure rates using the strictest definition of cure.  Equally important, this unique approach to eradicating prostate cancer preserves sexual function and maintains urinary control for the vast majority of men.   The documented high cure rates, combined with no cutting of the prostate, and very few side effects are why over 15,000 men from all 50 states, and over 40 countries have chosen ProstRcision.

To help men better understand this disease, the treatment options available today, and provide answers to many questions routinely asked of us, we have developed an educational guide entitled "Questions & Answers About Curing Prostate Cancer.

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Published research data shows ProstRcision outcomes are equivalent compared to radical prostatectomy (surgery) studies at two of the most prestigious cancer institutions in the country:

Institution Treatment Years in Study No. Patients in Study % Gleason Score 6 or Less* % Disease Free Survival
10 Years    15 Years
ProstRcision 1984-2000 3,546 73 75        73
Radical Prostatectomy:
John Hopkins




77        68
77        75

Critz, Frank. Benton, James. Shrake, Phillip. Merlin, Mark. "25-Year Disease-Free Survival Rate After Irradiation for Prostate Cancer Calculated with the Prostate Specific Antigen Definition of Recurrence Used for Radical Prostatectomy" The Journal of Urology: Vol. 189, 878-883 (March 2013



25-Year Cure Rate Study

Ground-breaking 25-year ProstRcision study published in the Journal of Urology found 10,15, 20 and 25-year disease free survival rates all greater than 70%.

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